About SweeTee's

She’s always loved baking, but in 2018 Trina Hale began selling her cakes. The response was more than she could have dreamed. Everyone in her home town of Athens, Georgia started buying her cakes for their special occasions, events, and celebrations. SweeTee’s Homemade Cakes was born.

From baking each cake layer to smoothing her icing across the top to adding the detailed touches that make her cakes almost too beautiful to eat, Trina loves making cakes for her community. She fills each sweet treat with high quality, fresh ingredients and pours love into each batch.

Explore the menu of delicious flavors and place your order right here on the website. SweeTee's looks forward to serving you and complimenting your events with extraordinary treats.

Black Forest Cake
Golden Oreo Overload
Gran Mama D's Caramel Cake
“SweeTee's cakes are to die for!”
Happy Customer


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